About the Outpost

“The Outpost Sound Mixing Company is more than just another Audio-Post Studio.

Passion drives our creativity. Experience backs up the work.”

-Tony Friedman, Owner

“Outpost Sound always takes complete care of us and ensures that our content sounds its best. Outpost’s ability to work remotely increases efficiency and helps us to meet deadlines consistently.”

-Jeremy Derringer, Mark Burnett Productions

“We couldn’t get nearly as much done without Outpost Sound. They’re the best”

-Michael Blum, Riverstreet Productions

“It’s like having an extra producer. We’re able to keep moving forward with our creative and production and still be confident that the audio is going to get done right. It’s certainly made our workflow more efficient – which is more important now than ever.”

-Sheppard Kaufman, Idea Asylum Productions

“I’ve worked with Outpost for more than ten years now. The work is always done correctly. They can also repair other people’s work flawlessly. I have never missed a deadline with Outpost.”

-David May, Warner Bros. Records

“Outpost has helped my company get more done in less time by working remotely since the Internet began. I’m more productive and I’ve never looked back”

-Randy Edwards, Popflash Productions

“After working remotely with Outpost for the past five months I would do it again in a heartbeat. Their talents as sound editor, producer, and mixer make an accelerated post schedule manageable.”

-Jim Praytor, Supervising Producer, Disney’s American Presidents

“Tony Friedman has been one of our “go-to” Audio Mixers at A. Smith & Co. His work ethic and experience is unprecedented in mixing Television and Film. He has consistently delivered top notch mixes particularly when given poor elements to work with. Tony’s understanding and ability to gauge the desired sound for each individual project has made our experience with him one of the best. His patience and professionalism has always been appreciated and makes him an absolute pleasure to work with.

-Jonathan Goldberg, Post-Production Supervisor A. Smith & Co.

Outpost Sound offers a perfect blend of creativity and technology, hard work and fun, the imagination to try something new and the experience to choose what works best. Born from a love of audio, Outpost opened in 1995 on December 7th… a day that already lives in infamy.

The studio is designed to be both comfortable and familiar. Outpost Sound offers a home away from home.

Outpost Sound Mixing Company

Outpost Sound Mixing Company