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  • Outpost Sound is proud to offer Acoustic Solutions
  • We specialize in Noise Control for Restaurants and Offices – Lose the Noise, Keep the Energy
  • Every room is unique. Every client deserves a Custom Treatment Plan
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • We utilize 100% American Made products, for American Quality and American Jobs


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 Get people talking…not shouting

Every day, loud restaurants lose customers to bad word of mouth and bad reviews. In fact, a recent Zagat Dining Trends Survey found that noise in restaurants was ranked as diners’ #1 complaint. Yet only 4% of patrons ever register their complaint. Most just stop going or give bad reviews.

As every restaurateur knows, a rise of only one star on Yelp can have a huge impact on revenues—up to 9%, according to Harvard Business Review.

Improved acoustics make for better noise levels. Better noise levels make for happier employees (and keep you OSHA-compliant). And all of this means happier customers. Customers who keep coming back not just because of the unique “fingerprint” of your restaurant—from the food and the service to the location and atmosphere—but also for your unique “noise print.”

Improve Your “Noise Print”

There is a solution for restaurants that are too noisy. In fact, there are many. Depending on your space, architecture, and stylistic vision, Outpost will partner with you to deliver a solution as distinctive as your restaurant by blending the subtle art and exact science of acoustics. We’ve developed strategic partnerships with the top acoustics manufacturers in America to offer the right solution for your unique needs.

The Outpost Sound Difference

Outpost Sound has been serving up sonic excellence since 1995. Sound is our business, and personal service has always been on the menu. Our breadth of acoustic offerings means we aren’t tied to selling you a particular brand or solution. We’ll work with you to get the right acoustic treatment, with minimal downtime and convenient financing options.

If you’re ready to make beautiful acoustics part of your customer experience, contact us today.




Outpost Sound Mixing Company

Outpost Sound Mixing Company